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  • How can I start free digital marketing demo class?
    Digital marketing is the fastest media to interact with customers for every smalll & big businesses in these days. As the demand of digital marketing manager is high in the market. Therefore, A number of students & marketing professionals want to shape their career in digital marketing in India. We are in digital marketing training classes from last 4 years. So, We are conducting digital marketing training class on the regular basis online and offline. You can give us a miss call on 08289044800 to join a free demo class in your area. For more Watch Video.
  • We at gsdmm.in share you a practical experience of digital marketing at the training session. We will fetch you with the latest information and popular tools to get fast insights for the brands to get quick promotions. All our training course is full of latest digital marketing information & training tips to be a better digital marketing manager in India.
  • Yes, You can choose preferred time for the digital marketing course.
  • Yes, We will help you in placement after the compliation of professional digital marketing course in India.
  • OfCourse, We conduct digital marketing course on weekend for professional & working persons. You can send sms "Weekend" to 08289044800 to join weekend classes.
  • Yes, We provide offline digital marketing course in India at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chandigarh & Ludhiana.

Top 9 reasons to sell your products online from home on a Facebook page

Facebook continues to be the best social network to set up a business. You can add an unlimited number of products that can be organised into collections and categories. The number of daily active users as of January 2020 is 1.66 billion!! It has enough potential customers for your business. It gives you a complete in-app shopping experience by an integrated Facebook Shop.

We all check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such social media several times a day. Your customers also do the same. You can market your products and facebook Shop through contests, ads, and boosted posts.

A business page is the best way to gain access to a massive number of people in your community and across the world. Now it would be a good time to rethink why you haven't invested time and money on Facebook selling.Facebook is one social network in which all marketers simply cannot ignore.
Don't you believe it? Check out 9 reasons why you should.

01. Low marketing expenses

There are several case studies of businesses using Facebook like Ads and other types of Ads to improve business results. Beginning a Facebook business page will cost you exactly $0. You may need to pay a graphic artist to design your cover or profile photo. But this is not an essential one. Using a page costs you nothing until you start paying for the Ads to get page likes, running sponsored stories, boosting posts. When compared to traditional marketing strategies like radio or TV and print, Facebook marketing is much cheaper. Why don't you go for it and change current inefficient and expensive marketing efforts?

02. Boost website traffic

Increasing traffic to your site is the best method to sell your products on Facebook. Some Facebook page owners use their page to drive traffic to their websites. It helps you to gather insights about the decisions of your audience, improve SEO, generate more leads, increase conversations, and get more customers. It also works as a good indicator, as it shows how well your market is working.

03. Evaluate and monitor

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation are critical elements of an effective social media strategy. Evaluation is a way of finding out what you have achieved by comparing predetermined goals with what was actually accomplished. Facebook insights feature is one of the best things that make Facebook the best social media to sell products. It neatly presents a selling strategy appropriately. It gives you the information graphically about every post that you made and how it is going with the targeted audience.

04. Customer Engagement

The customer engagement strategy works best on Facebook. You can share a post that gets comments and answers. A Facebook page can get your targeted audience to engage with your products easily and quickly. You cannot achieve this with traditional marketing strategies. But with a Facebook page, you will be able to listen to customers firsthand.

05. Highly targeted selling

Facebook Ads is the only platform where you can get super specific about who you want to target. This is the most attractive feature of Facebook Ad. When you run a small business, every money counts. Facebook provides the best cost-effective advertising around. There are different types of Ads depending upon your needs. They may be from canvas and carousel to mobile and video ads. These tools can be used to aim at specific target markets.

06. Easy to sell

By using an e-commerce platform it is very easy for you to sell on Facebook and is easy to join and there are no fees for selling either. So the risk in it is very low. You can quickly sync the product catalog and manage stock, orders, sales, and customers in one place. Most of the people use the social network for connecting with family and friends and it is easy to grips with.

07. Store with a wider reach

It helps to show your ads to the maximum number of people in your audience. So that it will get maximum reach. Facebook has introduced a facility named frequency capping, that it can set a minimum number of days before the same person sees your ad again. You can use an e-commerce site builder to create an online store and can connect your product to Facebook without a lot of technical knowledge. This gives you a more extensive presence online and access to more e-commerce functions with a Facebook store.

08. Build brand loyalty

Your Facebook business page can do wonders by building brand loyalty. If you provide valuable and entertaining content consistently, the more loyal they will become. Dynamic Ads play a major role in building it by connecting your product catalog to Facebook. To increase your brand loyalty you can follow these things: Share your valuable or useful quality Content Be Consistent throughout Answer and Acknowledge your customers Find Your Voice

09. Reach people on their smartphones

Most of the Facebook users are accessing the site using their mobile devices. The best thing is that it does the heavy lifting for you. It optimizes the page for both mobile devices and desktop. It enables you to view, about those who have viewed your Facebook page and their hours of operation, address, reviews, and their phone number to call will also be available to you.


This new feature brings us closer to social commerce on the world's most popular network. It helps many small retailers who are struggling with coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. You can easily set up free online storefronts across the Facebook family of apps and sell your products directly. You will get a better connection with your favorite shops and brands and place an order. It will create a new improved shopping experience for you.

We help you to scale your business with Advanced Facebook Marketing Training. 100% Success Guaranteed.

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